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all kinds kinds of accommodation properties

Komodiko d.o.o. (www.komodiko.me) represents model based on mechanism where we completely free of charge invest in promotion of your tourist accommodation, with goal to secure maximum profit and maximise occupancy over the whole year.

Komodiko d.o.o. with team of professionals increases ranking and occupancy of properties with use of authentic, modern and creative strategy, promotion and communication. Purpose of this project is successful positioning and world recognizable branding of tourist accommodation.

Komodiko d.o.o. with this business model represents complete innovation on global market with proven business principles confirms success of this business model in Serbia as well.

If you are in possession of apartment, boarding house, villa or you are head of the hotel or touristic household, one thing is sure - Your goal is maximum occupancy of available capacity. You are aware that is difficult to accomplish, but we have a solution!

Komodiko d.o.o. will help you achieve your goal with 0€ initial cost completely FREE and without hidden costs. We will promote your tourist accommodation in best possible way, including 24h support to you and your guests, throughout the calendar year.

In this business model we take over promotion and sales of tourist accommodation. The business model includes: branding of tourist object, logo design, opening/branding promoting on Facebook, Instagram as well as professional photo shooting, recording and production of promo video presentation of whole accomodation as well as every unit separately

Over and above, for objects that have 4 and more units we make professional web site with integrated booking system:

La Fleur Boutique Hotel


Al Mare


Hotel Idila


Villa Lastva


Professional locality photo/video shooting and promotional copyrighting upgrade your tourist offer, build brand and make you globally recognizable.

Devoted team for maximum result

Apart from professionals in the field of tourism and hospitality, our team consists of Veb Centar d.o.o (www.vebcentar.com) and Fokus Digital d.o.o. (www.fokus.digital) who are in charge of marketing, branding, photo and video production with goal to maximise occupancy over the whole year.

Veb Centar d.o.o. is top rated company with vast experience in programming, web design, graphic design and internet marketing. Team of experienced professionals is made of programmers, designers, editors, lectors, translators who successfully completed huge number of projects.

Some of our recent projects:

Quad Tours


M Tours


Opština Kotor


Remax Collection


Gp Mićoni

(www.gpmiconi.me) Complete portfolio

Fokus Digital d.o.o. is a group of professional photographs, videographs, and highly educated digital marketing experts, thanks to which this project record fast-growing success, and important number of happy clients is our greatest achievement and result of our business model.

Some of our recent works in video production:

Hotel Hippocampus

Villa Blue Panorama

Villa Bella Vita

Go Go Gaga Tours